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Last week I posted on my social accounts asking about the problem that business owners are helping their customers solve as it pertains to the product or service they offer.

What I saw was not a list of problems, instead, it was a lot of solutions and messaging that was solution focused.

If you haven’t defined the problem clearly, then you are losing sales. The fact is that many of your prospects are having a challenge or experiencing a problem, but it may not be top of mind or they may not be able to put a “name” on it which means they are not able to search for an existing solution. But when you are able to clearly communicate about a problem that they are eperiencing, it brings it into their awareness and may serve as a reminder that it’s something they have been wanting to overcome.

The problem is the tangible thing that’s standing in the way of your customers or prospects achieving success. If you want to position yourself as the guide who can help them win the day, then the problem needs to be defined clearly. Literally speaking about the problem throughout your marketing will change the way your customers see you. They finally feel like someone has taken the time to “get them”.

What is the problem you’re helping your customers overcome with your product or service? 

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