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Crush Your New Years Resolutions


Create a goal, not just a resolution!

What are your businesses, personal or financial goals for 2018?

Will you plan to lose weight, finally start tackling your personal finances or grow your business in the New Year? Maybe you will be leaving your full time employment to follow your dream of entrepreneurship?

Whatever your dream is for the New Year, if you don’t take time to do a little bit of deliberate planning, it will remain a dream. That’s why I am going to share with you a couple keys to successful Goal Setting as you prepare for the New Year.

New Years Resolutions versus Goals

What is your New Years Resolution?

Did you know that According to only 8% of people who make a New Years resolution actually achieve it? Of those, only 46% of them actually make it through the first 6 months of the year. Staggering, but why?

I believe the answer is pretty simple; They don’t create a plan to follow. That’s where Goal Setting comes in. In order to achieve your dreams, you actually need to create a plan to follow, otherwise your dreams are still going to be dreams.

Okay, so now what?

While it’s nice to tell your friends about your New Years resolution, wouldn’t it feel better to actually achieve it?

Create a Plan to Map your way to success. Goal setting does not have to be some complicated process, it’s simply creating a simple plan to outline your path, similar to creating a trip plan for your Vacation with family.

The Plan

What would you like to accomplish in 2018? Please leave a comment to tell us about your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

There are many variants to simple goal setting models, and just as many online tools to help you plan your success. Do your best to keep it simple.

Define Your Goals:

Be Specific in your Goal. Getting Fit, or Losing Weight are not specific. While they might be great goals, you need to be clear and define what the Result should look like. Losing 30 lbs before June, would be specific.

Be Realistic about your goal. If you have never run a mile, the chances you are going to run a Marathon in March is not exactly realistic. If you want to lose 100lbs, 60 days to achieve this is certainly not realistic.

Measure your Success. When you define your goal, part of being specific is determining a measurement for it. If you would like to lose weight you need to decide how much, and by when. If your goal is to lose 100lbs, when is it you would like to complete your goal? If you would like to lose 100lbs in 2018, this goal is measurable, specific and allows you to regularly check in on your goal/progress to make necessary adjustments. Over 12 months, that’s roughly 8lbs per month. If you have a rough month, and you are measuring your goal, you can make adjustments along the way.

Create a plan to address obstacles or objections. You will likely face negativity from family, friends and most likely yourself along the way. I’ll continue with the weight loss goal of 100lbs in 2018; your friends might ask you to join them for dinner out, that birthday party with pizza and beer, or you might be telling yourself you will never make it. We are often our worst critics and can offer many reasons why we should not do something. What will you say to your friends, what will you tell yourself in order to stay motivated, stick to your plan and achieve success? By brainstorming some obstacles you might face, you can create a simple plan to tackle them when they appear.

Define/Refine your plan to take regular action. Make a plan that addresses the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal. Things to consider including; Meal Planning, Regular exercise (What type and how often, for how long), How will you reward yourself along the way? These steps are the daily, weekly and monthly steps required in order to continually work toward your success. Be sure to take time to outline what these steps look like for you.

Check Your Progress. Using the tools we defined earlier and be sure to check in according to your schedule and determine what progress you have made. What considerations should you address? Did any unintended obstacles come up? Do you need to adjust your plan moving forward? Did you get the desired results at check in?

Accountability. Sometimes our friends can be our best supporters. Surrounding yourself with support is a great way to remain accountable to your goals. Tell your friends about your goal, create a blog to journal about your goals. Ask at least 1 friend to help you remain accountable to your goal, this accountability partner should be someone who will keep you honest, and will be the person you confide in about the details of you goals.

Start Now!

Whatever your goals are for 2018, be sure to start creating your plan. I would love to hear about your plans for 2018, your goals and any updates along the way.

Please leave a comment about your goals for 2018? Remember, be specific!

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